Each piece I create takes an absurd perspective on the industrial, artisanal and domestic methods of production, blatantly exposing my privileged role as an artist-producer. We live in a world where goods are being built for the dump, their life expectancy never exceeding a few years. IKEA furniture epitomizes planned-obsolescence in the design world. I have carried out the preposterous task to recreate each item from the exclusive 2016 limited edition SÄLLSKAP dining room set by hand. I copied an entire page of the IKEA catalogue down to a “T” over a period of four month period.

I have created a showroom. I’ve invested my time and money to achieve the nirvana of “doing it myself”, the ultimate labor of privilege. I built all my own furniture, hand poured organic beeswax candles, woven textiles for cushion covers, and laboriously fired ceramic bowls. Throughout this process, I have asked myself about the relevance of creating with little to no craftsmanship. I have attempted to achieve in four months what skilled artisans have spent a lifetime to perfect.